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Building Permit
Before undertaking any project, it is mandatory to obtain a permit from the municipal inspector.
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Deposit for permit
Deposit for building, renovation and demolition
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Minor derogation request form
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Dog tags
By-law 2007-006
Available at the office for $10 and must be renewed yearly. Please remember that all dogs must be on a leash or tied at all times.
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How to contact the municipal inspector

To get in touch with the municipal inspector please write to the following email address : inspecteur@kazabazua.ca

Technologists-Engineer / Ground analysis
Danny St-Jean 819-467-5515 dannystjean.tp@gmail.com
BH Environnement 819-431-0927
Regis Laliberté 819-329-2013 relaliberte@mtq.gouv.qc.ca
Louis-Philip Arsenault 819-986-1659
Cell. 613-889-2406
Christopher Hamel 819-360-2624 chamel@conceptionhd.com
Thierry Testa 819-790-9477 cso@videotron.ca
Dandford Lake : legal gate on private properties

For information and to clarify, the properties in question are of a private nature. The gate was put up with all of the right permits and was done legally. The property owners have every right to stop people from going on or through their land to get to the water.

Public notice : no large item pickup

There will not be any large item pickup. However, large items can be brought to the Kazabazua Ecocentre.

Public notice : acquisition under section 72 of the municipal powers act
Public notice : publication of by-law 2021-032 amending by-law 2018-022 about contractual management
Construction of a municipal garage

The Municipality plans to build a new municipal garage located on the site of the municipality at 30 Begley Road in Kazabazua. The bidder who will be awarded the contract will have to carry out the work according to the plans and specifications produced by the firms Robert Ledoux Architect Inc as of April 13, 2021 and LH2 Inc Professional Services as of April 13, 2021.

Greenspace and park maintenance

Under the responsibility of the team leader, the incumbent of the position performs, among other things, the maintenance of the municipal parks and buildings, in order to maintain cleanliness and good condition. Among other things, the incumbent mows and treats the lawn, waters the plants and flowers, cleans trails and driveways, and maintains equipment (games, benches, etc.) and buildings. The job offer is for 10 weeks beginning June 21 , 2021 for 35 hours per week

Lancement du mois de la prévention de la fraude

Le thème " Flairez l'arnaque " est celui retenu dans le cadre de la 17e édition du Mois de la prévention de la fraude

Municipal elections will be held on November 7

The Council of the municipality of Kazabazua supports the 2021 Census, and encourages all residents to complete their census questionnaire online at www.census.gc.ca. Accurate and complete census data support programs and services that benefit our community.

The Gatineau Valley Social Development Table (TDSVG) needs volunteers. If you are interested, contact us at (819) 463-3838.


Those wishing to obtain information on the situation of COVID-19 in Quebec are invited to visit the Quebec.ca / coronavirus website.

Anyone who thinks they have COVID-19 or who wishes to obtain information about it, is invited to dial, starting March 9, 2020, 1 877 644-4545.

Cabin Closure: Prevention Tips from Sûreté du Québec
Start of the hunting season - Regulations in force

In the coming days, hunters will be more and more likely to indulge in their favorite activity in woodland. That's why the Sûreté du Québec wishes to recall some safety tips to guarantee everyone a safe hunting season.

Les cyclistes doivent dorénavant s'arrêter eux aussi devant un autobus scolaire

Il n’y a pas que les automobilistes qui risquent dorénavant de recevoir une contravention salée s’ils ne font pas leur arrêt obligatoire devant ou derrière un autobus scolaire qui fait monter ou descendre des jeunes. Une grande nouveauté pour les usagers de la route en cette rentrée scolaire concerne maintenant les cyclistes qui sont aussi visés par les nouvelles dispositions du Code de la sécurité routière (CSR)

Kazabazua library : laureate for year 2018
Tabling of the triennal assessment rolls for 2019-2020-2021

The new assessment rolls will be effective as of January 1 , 2019, for a period of three years (2019-2020-2021). The new values are based on the market of July 1 , 2017.

Directory of Social and Health Resources

A new directory of relevant social and health resources for residents of the Gatineau Valley MRC has been launched. It is available free of charge at www.sosvg.ca

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